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The Future of Social Media: Why Businesses Need to Take Action Now

January 15, 2024

77% of small businesses now use social media to reach their customers — but many aren’t using it to its full potential, whether due to resource constraints or analysis paralysis. If you fall into this category, it’s time to pull your head out from under the sand. Social media isn’t going anywhere soon, so let’s break down why now is the perfect time to finally pull the trigger.


Your customers are waiting


Whether your customer base consists of women in their fifties, guys in their twenties, or business professionals in the energy industry, chances are they’re on social media. It’s no longer the case that these platforms are just for young people! And your customers aren’t just on social media — they’re genuinely interested in using their accounts to keep updated with the companies they’re most interested in. 90% of social media users now follow at least one brand, with many seeing social media as a chance to find out about new product launches, offers, and similar. If you fail to build an active presence on socials, you now risk getting left behind by your competitors.


Better customer service


Going to brick-and-mortar stores is far in the past for many customers, and phone lines are also fading into history. Social media is increasingly becoming where customers go for customer service, whether they prefer to send a DM on Instagram or head to X to voice their frustrations. This trend will only grow in the future, as Millennials and Generation Z become the dominant demographics, for whom heading to social media with queries is second nature. Showing customers you’re active on social media and ready to respond to their questions is a great way to show that you value them. You can also take things one step further by filling your brand page with information your customers will find meaningful, such as product guides and tutorials.


A branding opportunity


Of course, social media can do far more for you than just help you connect with and give a better experience to your existing customers. It’s a place to cement your brand and increase your exposure far beyond your core customer base. This includes people who are aware of your brand but don’t know much about you, who are the prime people to target. Others may discover you for the first time through social media. Having great branding on your social media page is a game-changer for a business. If you want to impress your prospective audience with how socially engaged you are, you can share posts about what’s happening in the world and what you’re doing about it. Or if you want to show you have a sense of humour and don’t take yourself as seriously as other companies, you can show that off.
Take action today.


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