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Social Media is Plagued by AI — And It’s Getting Obvious

January 15, 2024

Social media was originally created as a way for humans to connect with each other and share what’s important to them. Increasingly, it’s become a playground for AI instead, with businesses and accounts thinking nobody will notice if they use AI for their posts (they’re wrong).


This isn’t an entirely new trend. Social media has been plagued by “bots” for years, whether it’s bought followers or spam comments to boost engagement artificially. But AI-written posts are taking things to another level — they might be convenient, but they’re not good for your business. Here’s why.


Low quality


The content world reached the point of oversaturation a while ago, even before AI- produced social media posts and content became mainstream. With millions of accounts to choose between on multiple platforms, you need to make sure your posts are doing something special if you want anyone to listen — and using AI to write for you is hardly the best way to achieve that.


When running a business social media account, you want to be sure you’re giving your audience something they can’t get anywhere else, such as answers to their FAQs or information relevant to their interests. AI can rarely do that as well as somebody who has been a living and breathing part of the sector, talking to customers directly and learning what they want. Use this knowledge to your advantage!


No personality Perhaps the biggest crime of AI is that the content it creates simply isn’t interesting. AI always plays it safe with its wording and content — yet “safe” isn’t always what attracts attention.


Your audience wants to read posts they find interesting. Often, this means posts that impact them emotionally or grab their attention. It generally takes a human to know where to draw the line between creating an emotional impact versus saying something that seems exaggerated, or being playful versus being downright offensive.


Out of date


Business success is often achieved through being on the cusp of innovation. Industry leaders know exactly what’s happening in their sector, allowing them to come up with pioneering ideas they know there’s demand for and predict what’s next.


Meanwhile, AI is always one step behind the curve. It relies on sifting through information that has already been published by others, and is unlikely to have a bold vision for the future. AI doesn’t make connections between recent news, the past, and your business (and if it tries, it probably doesn’t do as good a job as your staff).


Plus, trends are moving faster than ever on many social media sites. A human knows when a meme is out of date or a style will no longer resonate. This is almost impossible for AI.


Fight off this plague


It might be tempting to turn to AI for your social media posts, but doing things the hard way is crucial to get results. At The Unda Dog, we’re business marketing professionals who take social media seriously, and we take an approach that ensures you can build relationships with customers and boost engagement.


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