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Best Social Media Channels for B2B

January 15, 2024


Social media is about more than just sharing vacation pictures with friends and following influencers. 79% of B2B content marketing specialists say social media is their most effective marketing channel. It provides a way to foster direct relationships with your customers, share useful information, and maintain your brand image.

But not all social media is created equal. If you’re aiming for a B2B audience, you need to go where your customers are. While this will vary a little depending on your target audience and their social media of choice (make sure you do your research), some sites are more likely to meet the right people than others. Hint — it’s not just LinkedIn.




Previously known as Twitter, X is well known for being a hub for tech enthusiasts and Silicon Valley types. If you’re in tech yourself or count these kinds of companies as your customers, X is the place to be, but they’re not the only ones who will find the platform useful.


X has a broad audience — and a lot of people scroll through the platform even if they don’t actively post, and maintaining a professional presence there gives them something to see if they search your name.


Since X is designed for smaller posts and is closely related to the news, it’s a great place to share updates about your company and respond to current events. For example, you could let your followers know about an upcoming sale or give your thoughts on a conference you attended.




YouTube might be best known for its consumer content, but it’s also the ideal place to reach a business audience when they’re looking for answers. If you use the right keywords in your video title, you could even appear on Google search results.


If you sell a product or service that you need to explain, YouTube can also be a great place to educate your audience with onboarding information, demos, and explainers.




Practically every business and professional has a LinkedIn profile — love it or hate it, most people in business can’t afford to ignore it.


The LinkedIn algorithm has historically been one of the best at exposing your posts to a greater audience. Once a few of your connections interact with your post, their connections will see it, allowing posts to quickly spread far and wide. Share industry insights relevant to your connections and you could soon see your audience grow.


But don’t forget to spend some time engaging with others as well as expecting them to engage with you. You can grow your reach even further by commenting on a few posts and being active in groups relevant to your area or sector.


Take your social media to the next level


Whichever social media platform you opt for, make sure you do your business justice by delivering high-quality content that will appeal to your customers.


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