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Stand out from the crowd: Custom Digital Marketing Solutions

If you’re happy with your marketing material sounding just like everyone else’s, then by all means, stick with AI. But if you’re looking for content that truly converts, and is written by humans who understand exactly what makes your target audience tick…

…then The Unda Dog is here for you!

AI – The Inevitable End of An Era

“Unleash Your Business” “Embark On Your Journey” “Elevate Your Brand”

These above AI-written phrases are almost everywhere you click. It’s increasingly apparent how the AI-epidemic is plaguing blog posts and social media pages. And while the words AI uses, and the sentences it writes are technically correct, they lack vital aspects of audience engagement – heart and personality.


Convenient Content Doesn’t
Mean It’s Captivating

We know how tempting it is to input a prompt, receive an immediate response, and upload your ‘content’ to your social media or newsletter. However, we’re willing to bet your sales aren’t increasing, nor is your follower count. That’s because although your audience may not know that your content is AI generated, it feels inauthentic and lacks engagement.


…Everyone Loves an Unda Dog Story!

As business marketing professionals, we know what it takes to attract, engage, and retain customers – to build loyal relationships, and repeat sales. We offer social media management, inclusive of monthly blog posts, as well as email marketing services to keep that connection to your customers as strong as can be.

Here’s How We Can Help

Social Media for Businesses

Your website may serve as your greeting card and digital handshake, but social media is where your customers hang out every single day. This makes it one of the most important aspects of your business to keep it up-to-date and engaging. Our social media management services are designed to do exactly that.


Meet our Expert team

Find out what The Unda Dog is saying about the latest happenings in the world of news and opinions here.


Jessica Lloyd-Bate

Senior Marketing Specialist

Brandon Campbell

Junior Marketing Specialist 

What our client say about us

Find out what The Unda Dog is saying about the latest happenings in the world of news and opinions here.

Fantastic partner, really understood and listened to our vision and really delivered. we now have definitive company branding and voice, thanks to Jodie and the team.

Matt Janicki

Great experience dealing with Jodie, she is very knowledgable and listens to what you want. We are very pleased with our new website it was a pleasure to work with her.

Tracy Bridgwater

It's always a pleasure to work with The Unda Dog Ltd. They just understand what we are looking for without loads of meetings or manuals. Just a simple face to face or a phone call and I get what I need.

Roger Schweizer

Jodie has a great depth of knowledge within the marketing segment, and provided some real insights and benefits to our business. Through Jodie managing the social media platforms, we sure a real positive shift in the content and style of engagement, which provide some really good customer responses. Thanks for your support Jodie

Peter Smith

What can i say apart from what a fantastic young marketing business The Unda Dog Ltd is .. The team firstly took time to understand my organisation, listened, increased their knowledge and then worked to the perimeters set between us.This resulted in a very dynamic and effective marketing campaign resulting in absolutely excellent results..I couldn’t be happier with the outcome..First Class from start to finish.

Neil Haines

We’re For Anyone, Everyone,
And Anything In Between

At The Unda Dog, we don’t pigeonhole ourselves by industry or sector. As business marketing professionals, we know what makes for engaging content across the board. We’ve worked with small business and global brands, entrepreneurs offering tech, and individuals selling pogo sticks. Heck, we’ll work with your Grandma if her knitting skills are good enough!
Rest assured that we do our research to figure out the ins and outs of your business and audience, until we know them backwards and blindfolded.
Our social media management and email marketing services are tailored-to-you and specially designed to secure your marketing success. We stay ahead of the curve, and we give every client the individual attention you deserve. Best of all – we’re not robots!